Enlarge profitable sales growth with new customer DNA

10. January 2023

Cultural Change Impulse

How can profitable sales be increased?

How do customer-centric and customer-facing functions such as sales, key account management and after-sales service increase profitable sales?

Increase responsiveness as a goal!

Spirited positioning of customer-facing functions which enhance the the perspective to competitors, test capability of customer solutions, order intake and profitable sales, through new working methods, collaberation models and technologies.

Procedure: Customer-facing functions get new DNA

In a quick and uncomplicated procedure, sales teams, key account and after sales managers will take note of your working ideas.

Individual and environmental challenges are identified and prioritised for improvement. These challenges typically include unspecified and unmeasurable target agreements, uncertainty of responsibility, unclear agreements, unhelpful organisational structures and processes, outdated non-digital skills and inaccurate understanding of position.

Set priorities, core sales and sales support processes are improved, in particular through the introduction of new digital channels and processing platforms. Effective customer communication, a deeper understanding of customer needs, managerial order attainment and the creation of positive customer experiences along the entire customer journey are recognised.

NMC Neudel Management Consulting

In short, all customer-facing functions get a new DNA – a specific customer DNA that consists of six success factors in CSO areas with profitable sales growth.

Factor 1 is the focus of customer loyalty. Every customer is worth its weight in gold, every new customer acquisition leads to sales growth, but often not in profitable sales. Factor 2 is the “digital experience” along most customer contact points. Factor 3 deals with regional-specific sales strategies and their individual characteristics and requirements etc.

Sales teams operate, using this customer DNA, especially entrepreneurial and accept end-to-end responsibility for the shares of the P&L, which directly influences the customer alliance. Working in the matrix with central departments such as the Minister of the Interior from sales support, bid- and gate review processes, pricing grids and CRM determination is a law of nature and not a burden, which effects ultimate support for profitable decisions.

Five success factors

The successful result of customer-facing functions is impressive: Win rates accelerate from 5 to over 35 percent, centrally supported value pricing increases margins, astonishing price sliding clauses can be enforced, customer complaints/claims and non-conformity costs can be prevented to increase margins and flexible terms and conditions make faster deals possible. The closed commercial front thus increases profitable sales growth.


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