must keep check on work repetition, material misplanning, delivery reliability, information inconsistencies and a lack of cross-functional communication channels between interface partners in sales, capacity planning, disposition, logistics and purchasing?


are without any airs and graces consultants with Tier 1 management consultancies and have executive experience from different industries. We also have functional hubs in sales, operations, purchasing, supply chain, engineering and corporate functions.


want to reduce overhead costs in selected or all business areas? You want to eliminate, automate, allocate or externalize work duplication through clarity about responsibilities and clear assignment of tasks to departments?


are transformation, efficiency enhancement and organization effectiveness specialists. We use a sleek functional analysis methodology, which we apply, together with your managers and experts, to objectively reduce overhead costs along with waste of time activities.


see clear advantages in an effective organizational structure and in processes, which can help leverage efficiency through the global pooling of limited resources? You want them in turn to act end-to-end, in order to continuously improve landed costs, working capital, inventory turnover and payment cycles?


strictly follow our agile “co creation” support approach. We do not work “for you”, but “with you” and your teams and adhere the “help for self-help” practically.


need new reporting structures, boards and an effective decision-making matrix in day-to-day business to be able to eliminate the escalating number of tasks, firefighting meetings and boards to be able to return to a calm essential workflow?


examine the importance of the measures taken to benefit your customer journey. There will be effective results. We also identify with the value chain potentials with respect to operational functions and staff functions.


develop integrated, cross-functional process working methods to shut down functional silos and micro-organisational units, thereby focusing on the entire value chain and the holistic coordination of product-related activities over the product life cycle?


go that “extra mile” when it comes to implementation support, no matter how challenging it may be. We are dedicated to achieving joint set transformation goals and ambition levels.


are looking for an objective PMO to maintain certain measures and sustainably improve results?


provide you with an effective PMO with a project tracker for these certain measures which include activities, deadlines, responsibilities and results, as well as a running issue log with measures that are to be implemented at a later date.


We offer you and your teams through our expertise of transformation co creation consulting tangible and practical end products along six target operating model (TOM) modules:

TOM 01
"Transformation goal, ambition level and story"

Case for change and transformation mission as well as organisational principles

TOM 02
"Efficiencies & synergies"

Organisational structure optimisation, span of control optimisation, and micro-org unit elimination

TOM 03
"Organisational effectiveness"

Overlap-free roles & responsibilities and job descriptions (AQRs), e.g. when working in the matrix

TOM 04
"Fast and agile decision making processes"

Decision rights matrix, governance, reporting and meeting structures

TOM 05
"Anchoring competencies"

Competence mapping, transfer matrix and nomination process

TOM 06
"Performance management system"

Management and leadership model, collaboration model, KPI system

Where growth has made full books of order intake possible, with the focus on unconventional methods, then is organisational effectiveness often disregarded…