need an objective evaluation of the operating model with regard to the effectiveness and change of the target company for your M&A project?


prepare an objective operational report within a few weeks on the current situation of the organisation.


want to identify and evaluate operational and organisational risks of your target company?


with the help of our operations analytics tool suite, can quickly and effectively collect and analyse, organisational structures and core processes. These include those responsible and employees, committees and management circles. As well as assessing the status of ongoing task forces and project organisations.


need an objective view of planned organisational changes and restructurings as well as grounds for the expected impact on earnings?


conduct structured interviews with management and project managers on ongoing or scheduled organisational changes. Hence, we also delve deeply with the organisational development and HR managers on the Case for Change and their necessities.


want an objective assessment of your target company’s efficiency and synergy potentials as well as a planned, partial or full integration with a business unit of your creativity?


with the help of our functional analysis light, carry out a fast activity and management span analysis (SoC analysis) in order to identify and evaluate overlaps, automation potentials and other synergies.


need an assessment of change readiness as well as KPI, control and management systems of the target company for the later PMI process?


are using our special change readiness checklist, can check the degree of willingness to change and measure the effectiveness of the management organisation along KPIs and steering variables.

NMC ODD Anziehung NMC ODD Anziehung

We offer you and your teams with our operation due diligence department, practical and tangible end products for operational and organisational audits in order to identify optimisation and synergy potentials:

ODD 01

The organisational structure is kept as simple as possible.

ODD 02
"Core competencies"

The organisation is based on the core capabilities of the company and enables an effective use of existing competencies.

ODD 03
"Market orientation"

The organisational structure is based on the requirements of the market.

ODD 04

Tasks and responsibilities are clearly distributed and communicated throughout the organisation.

ODD 05
"Powers and personal responsibility"

The powers and reporting lines are clear and practical. Authorisation exists where needed. Managers and employees can make appropriate decisions responsibly within a defined framework.

ODD 06
"SoC and flexibility"

The organisation’s depth of leadership is as low as possible and the power structure ensures efficiency. The organisational structure is flexible and can be quickly adapted in the event of important changes. The ratio of central and decentralised control is optimally balanced.

ODD 07
"Collaboration and cooperation"

Cooperation between the departments works smoothly and efficiently. Tasks are clear and efficient. Interaction and coordination between project and line management works harmoniously.

ODD 08
"Information and communication channels"

Information and knowledge are effectively shared within the organisation to anyone who needs it.

ODD 09

The number of institutions and committees are appropriate to each other and focus on the tasks or organisation. The budget allocation is transparent, comprehensible and targeted.

When it comes to organising there is never a right or wrong. However, you can use the valuable core of previous knowledge as well as the optimisation potential to …