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Where growth has quickly brought plenty of business and the focus has only been on unconventional delivery capability, organisational effectiveness has often fallen by the wayside. That’s not a problem in the successful years – except perhaps that opportunistic margins of up to 30% have also fallen by the wayside, which you could have carefully reinvested in new projects, products and digital sales support – but it hits you really hard when there is a pause in growth or even is a reduction in orders.

NMC has made this impressively clear to the management and our functional managers in a pragmatic manner and along the lines of business transaction coaching.



An insight into successful projects of our NMC Transformation Consulting Team:

Transformation and internationalisation

Transformation for a leading provider of renewable energies. Restructuring of management, structures and processes. The implementation of self-sufficient regional organisations with strong global functional support


Turnaround of a leading international aeronautics group with massive changes in strategy, management structure, overall organisation, manufacturing footprint, engineering, restructuring of development and corporate culture change

Overhead cost reduction

Overhead cost reduction and increased effectiveness at a leading global mechanical engineering company

Increased effectiveness and operational excellence

Increase in effectiveness and operational excellence, manufacturing footprint and global transformation for an automotive OEM

Material flow optimization

Material flow optimisation and adaptation of production planning and control for a manufacturer of “white goods”

Logistics strategy

Logistic strategy and increased efficiency for one of the largest French automotive suppliers

Transformation Roadmap

Definition of the transformation roadmap for a large transport company, including effectiveness assessment of the distribution of management departments, development of a new operating model and structuring of the required transformation process

Shared Service Center

Business shared service center development and transformation for a leading FMCG to Kuala Lumpur, Costa Rica and Krakow for the functions of internal sales, finance, HR, PR and admin IT

Plant logistics optimization

Optimisation of plant logistics for a global automotive OEM in the areas of press shop, body construction and assembly

Process reorganization

Process reorganisation for an electronics cooperation with the introduction of new products for large-scale projects


Post merger integration and cultural integration of two leading renewable energy providers in Europe

Operation DD

Operation and organisational feasibility of a leading automotive supplier with the aim of identifying synergies and operational efficiencies

Operation DD II

Operational and organisational feasibility at a global transportation company, whilst reviewing and evaluating revenue, cost and synergy planning as well as team strenghts

Digital Start Up

Establishment of a digital joint venture for two of the world’s leading automotive groups

Zero Based Budgeting

Zero based budgeting in sales, key account mgmt., distributors’ mgmt. and marketing in Europe, Russia, India and APAC for a global direct seller

New orientation and cooperation

Support of the Management Board of a large energy supply company in the organisational realignment and development of a new collaberation model

CIO Governance

Design of a new and more effective reporting and governing structure of the CIO organisation at a large medium-sized company in Germany

Team Development

Team Development and mediation for lack of productivity, integration of new teams and motivation to implement new strategies for a leading global plant manufacturer

Change Management

Development and the measure taken to change management of a company in the aviation industry

PMI and Change Management

Change management through combined PMI and coaching support in the planning and implementation of a large company merger for an international telecommunications provider

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CTO Automotive

With its focus on the human factor, NMC has struck a chord with managers and functional experts. Staying away from theoretical best benchmark solutions, analyses and PowerPoint Success. They lean towards business transaction simulations, supervision and specific customer intervention with direct effect on results.

Compare it to a minor surgical procedure, resulting in high efficiency and not being dependent on long-term consultants.


Senior Partner Private Equity

When it comes to organising there is never a right or wrong. However, you can use the valuable core of previous knowledge as well as the optimisation potential to eliminate value loss and then reinvest the equivalent into valuable projects, products and digital distribution channels. Clarity and transparency in the collective and individual target agreements pave the way for performance management to become primarily significant and optimal.

NMC has an ingenious operations and organisational audit approach that has perfectly supported our M&A project in terms of operational appraisals and alliances.