Improve the say-do ratio and assumption of responsibility by winning teams

14. June 2023

Change Management Impulse

The mindful formation of winning teams with integral strengths, a joint perspective and the will to deliver the highest performance, increases the effectiveness of responsibility, the say-do ratio and gives employees emotional security.

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How can collective responsibility be experienced?

How do winners achieve their goals of individual, and collective responsibility in high performance teams on a clear-cut assignment?

Winning teams as a goal!

The choice of a winning team depicting responsibility in a mission-based, cross-functional and hierarchy-free manner, will increase the say-do ratio, accelerate decision-making and activate cognitive security for employees through a healthy error culture.

Approach: Developing and living together the Code of Action

Inspired by General Electric’s WorkOut method in the Jack Welch era, it has been adapted to today’s world of current challenges and working ways. Executives of the winning team circle develop a common place, the so-called “Code of Action”, thereby forging a high performance team depending on the business transaction.

Right from the start the directive of every team is to build very concrete real business transactions. Such a business transaction can be, for example, to protect themselves against customer complaints (claims), which can be in the millions, or the drastic reduction of non-conventional costs. Another Cypriot business transaction in this context is the KPO and KPI-based transparency and control of the management organisation.

The “Code of Action” brings about conclusive decisions and their implementation during the course of business transactions, i.e. a new kind of commitment and transparency of one’s own actions. Thus, “missing” decisions, inevitable waiting, due to the fear of possible “wrong decisions” or even a “ducking away” due to a lack of clarity are directly visible and therefore consequences.

This code is created as part of “movements in workshops”. Workshops in which the challenges and causes along the appraisal path are identified in role play, changes of perspective and business transaction simulations, without any “finger pointing”.

This is followed by the development of commitment & clear rules and the desired collaborative work (mission-based team forming), typically with the CEO as a leader and a role model.

The improvement of personal commitment cards for each Winning Team member, i.e. an individual action plan for quick decision-making and the actual practise of change requirements, immediately hold onto the “Code of Action” in day-to-day business.

Cross-functional and cross-hierarchical intervention workshops help to actively and collaboratively activate the above-mentioned decisions on practical and current use cases with the help of selected “multipliers” and to turn “those affected” into “participants” in the overall organisation. This stops silo functioning, allows target agreements to be collectively achieved, creates reliability and promotes the courage to make mistakes instead of postponing decisions.

Managers separate operational measures and units by measuring input not by “what has been done” but rather by output, i.e. “what has been achieved” with a lesser demand for reporting than working.

Three success factors

Increase dexterity for faster decision-making, assuming responsibility and a collective achievement of goals through mission-based high performance teams. The immediate application of decision making is ensured by silo function reduction, elimination of lack of clarity and communication breaks.


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