Overcoming operational hotspots in strategy implementation

8. October 2022

Strategy Implementation Impulse

According to the principle of “Structure follows Strategy”, the application of the so-called congruence model keeps the corporate strategy and the associated need for change in day-to-day business. Today I would like to motivate you on how to “overcome operational hotspots in the way it is approached when implementing your strategy”. Allow yourself 2 minutes of your time for the “successful fulfilment of your approach”.

What is the starting point for strategy implementation?

You have elaborately and razor-sharply developed a strategy and are faced with the challenge of anchoring it in day-to-day business.

You also redevelop your strategy because you are confronted with TCQP – Time, Cost, Quality and Performance – impact that requires rapid change.

Every day, you experience how your operating units continue to operate in the old world and how the strategic needs for change do not reach where it is most urgent.

Your operational results decrease. Your team is not committed to turn the situation around.

In countless teams and meeting groups, the lethargic objectives of your managers are met with a lack of responsibility.

Finally, you have to admit that your operating systems are completely unprepared for the massive market and environmental changes and the strategic changes you have therefore justly developed.

How do winners apply needs for strategic change?

Winners maintain strategic changes in the day-to-day business of their operating system through consistent application of the so-called decency model.

The congruence model follows the principle “Structure follows Strategy” whereby “Structure” is only one of four cornerstones in the implementation of strategy, which are brought into an effective congruent balance with each other.

You have to imagine it in such a way that all the strengths of leadership organisation, structure, processes and informal ways lead to a finely tuned power supply. With only one goal: that being, the implementation of your previously developed strategic goal changes.

Outlook on the transformation of operational hotspots into profit

Pay heed to the next motivation session, in which I will share with you our experiences of “how winners turn operational hotspots into profit”.

Until then, feel free to ask your questions and send us your suggestions concerning “Overcoming operational hotspots in strategy practise” via our Impulse Contact website or arrange a 15-minute impulse call at a time of your choice.


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